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I offer freelance and contract writing services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I help them to express their ideas, communicate with their audience and save the time.


As an entrepreneur myself, my goal is to contribute to our community and help keep it thriving and successful!


If you have ideas but don't know where to start when it comes to copy, I'll brainstorm and create some compelling words. Perhaps you already have something written but don't know how to give it flair, I'll repot your words and cultivate some exciting copy.

Wordsmithing is my superpower

and the magic writing stick 

is my weapon of choice.

Let’s not have boring copy, let’s have creative copy that inspires.

- said some writer from Milton Keynes

My superpowers!







A word from my clients.

"I employed Tamanya's services as I needed help with my website bio and home page tagline. She re-worked what I'd written and made it not only make more sense but also made it flow so much better. She understood perfectly the kind of voice I wanted to have as an artist in my bio - I'm absolutely thrilled with the result! She also worked her writer's magic on the tagline which now appeals more to my potential customers. She was a pleasure to work with, friendly, professional and I would highly recommend her services. Thanks Tamanya!"

- Amy Burns, Amy E Burns Arts

"I cannot thank Tamanya enough for the work she has done, taking my thoughts and notes to create such a beautifully written piece. 


I have recently set up my own small business in events so was seeking help with my website content. Words do not come naturally to me, so when I came across Tamanya it was a no-brainer for me. She took my notes and ideas and my content came back in less than a week! I did not need to make any tweaks, it was outstanding first time!

Once I had uploaded my content she then helped me ensure my website layout and the flow worked well for my future clients.


I could not thank her enough and I am so pleased I had the pleasure of working with her!"

- Eve Pitt, Eventi Events

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