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The woman behind the words.

Hello there, I’m Tamanya, the plant obsessed, powerlifting, Queen of Words.


My writing story began at college when I wrote a kick-ass Personal Statement on my university application form to study for my BA Honours degree in Graphic Design. So kick-ass in fact that a couple of classmates asked me to write their Personal Statements too. Long story abridged, my class tutor saw my creative writing skills and asked me to write the Personal Statements for the majority of the class. I loved helping my classmates express themselves and I’ve been working my 'word magic' ever since.


After initially working as a graphic designer, I honed my wordsmithing during a career writing and developing course content in the corporate sector, with a fondness for working with external clients. My passion continues by writing creative copy for entrepreneurs and small businesses like you; giving your ideas a voice, and enabling you to communicate effectively with your audience through the power of the written word

…because in my opinion, the pen is mightier than the sword.


When I’m not wordsmithing my way to glory, you’ll find me tending to an absurd number of house plants, in the gym training for my next powerlifting competition or walking my senior citizen (but still shockingly hyper-active) Jack Russell Terrier, often affectionately known as Ms Barkie McBarkison.


I love to write and if these words speak volumes to you, drop me a line and we’ll chat about exciting and imaginative creations.


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